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Artwork for Promotional Products


Logos and Brands are the direct reflection of a company or organization. We want to make sure your identity is crip, clean and consistent. Although quality of printing are always checked, the final product will only look as good as the artwork submitted to us. For these reason, we list our requirements for submitting artwork below.

AI file Adobe Illustrator CS5 ® earlier. This is our primary method for Electronic Art.

Please convert all type to outline, paths or curves, or include necessary fonts.


EPS fileAdobe Photoshop® Photoshop, along with PICT or TIFF images cannot be used as submitted and require redrawing into vector format (line art). Additional art charges may apply for redrawing. If you must send a PICT or TIFF image for full color or digital printing, please send at 600 dpi minimum resolution. If sending black & white images, make them to size at 1200 DPI resolution.


Others? please call our customer service hotline 1800 088 756 for questions regarding the artwork requirements